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Fees, Payment and Insurance

Price List July 2016

'Gold Standard' all Inclusive Puppy Vaccine        £74.40  
Booster Vaccination for dog(full)                           £53.50 (DHP + L4 +KC)

Booster Vaccination for dog(part)                         £45.60 (L4 +KC)
Booster Vaccination for dog (part)                        £43.70 (DHP + L4)
L4 Vacc only for dog                                                £33.00

Vaccination Course for a Kitten                            £72.47
Booster Vaccination for cat                                   £50.70


Bitch Spay 
Prices now include a buster collar and a 10ml bottle of Metacam.

Under 10kg                                            £195.64
10kg -20kg                                             £209.96
20kg -30kg                                             £223.67
30kg - 40kg                                            £247.07
40kg or over                                           £288.22

Prices now include a buster collar. 

Under 10kg                                            £136.21
10kg - 20kg                                            £148.52
20kg - 30kg                                            £163.32
30kg - 40kg                                            £189.52
40kg or over                                           £204.00

Cat Spay
Price includes buster collar but no metacam

Normal Cat Spay                                   £83.44

Cat Castration                                        £51.41

The above are standard procedures with fixed prices inclusive of VAT at the new rate of 20%.
For Non-Standard procedures we are happy to provide an estimate before going ahead. Please feel free to ask.

New Policy regarding Insurance Claims

As from January 2011, we will, generally, no longer be processing direct claims.  We would ask that all treatment/medication be paid directly to us at the end of each consult/operation etc. and claimed back from your insurers.
There will also be a small administration fee for any direct claims.
There are some exceptions, so please ask for information. We thank you for your co-operation.


A modern veterinary practice has to generate sufficient income to invest in equipment and training as well as covering running costs and salaries. Our charges are calculated to be fair to both ourselves and our clients.


All treatment must be paid for immediately. As the cost of investigations and ongoing treatment can be considerable, we are always willing to provide an estimate for treatment we plan to carry out so please do not be reluctant to ask. We do have a payment policy for large unexpected treatment charges but this must be discussed with the Office Manager at the earliest opportunity.

Are Your Covered?

Illness or an accident can prove expensive and often happens when you are least prepared financially to cope with it. We strongly recommend that you take out  pet insurance to cover you against the risk. Insurance takes a lot of the worry out of pet illness and it means we can all concentrate on the best care for your pet rather than cost. All puppies and kittens are offered 4 weeks free insurance with Petplan when they visit the surgery.  We also have leaflets in our waiting room for various insurance companies we find to be reliable and fair in their dealings with clients.

Pet Insurance

Did you know 1 in 3 pets may require unexpected veterinary treatment each year?* Whilst advance in veterinary medicine mean we can do more for your pet, treatment costs can soon mount up. We recommend Petplan insurance to our clients to help cover unexpected vet bills.
You may be surprised to hear that you are more likely to claim on your pet insurance than your car or household policies (Allianz Insurance Plc). In fact, in our experience, if you are one of the few people who don't need to claim on your pet insurance, you really are very lucky indeed!
It's important to be aware that not all pet insurance is the same. Some policies limit the amount of time or money that you can claim for. don't just shop around on price alone.

At Inshes Veterinary Centre we recommend Petplan insurance for the following reasons:-

  • With Petplan's covered for life guarantee your veterinary fees are renewed each year no matter how much you claim.
  • Petplan doesn't place exclusions at renewal on their Covered for Life Policy so on-going conditions such as eczema continued to be covered by the policy.
  • Petplan won't increase your premium or excess just because you make a claim.
  • Petplan is a pet insurance specialist so they understand the animal market and work closely with vets, charities and breeders.
    *Source - Petplan